Mobile Friendly Web Design

“Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21 2015”


Mobile Friendly

Google is now boosting the search ranking of mobile friendly webpages. Mobile user is growing rapidly in every corner in the world and it’s important to keep those users happy when they go to your website. A good website can keep your user stay and keep engaging with you.

Many people left a webpage within seconds because of bad layout or bad design. CKM.ME is focusing in creating mordern, powerful and also mobile friendly website, it’s not only provide better user experience but also help you rank higher in Google’s search results. Every business, personal blog or e-commerce website created by CKM.ME will be using mobile friendly (responsive) technology to ensure you got what you expected, and help you increase your website traffics.


Responsive Web Design

View your web pages on any size of screens.

CKM promise every web design project will be fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry it.


Here are some reasons how your business will benefit with responsive website:

  1. Save the business time and money. A responsive website is easier to maintain and you’re still only paying for ONE website. Some designers may tell you they have to create a “second site” to go on a mobile device, you will not need that if you have a responsive design. One site, one less headache.
  2. More accessibility for viewers. A traditional site can only be launched on a desktop. This allows users to access your products, services and valuable information from any location from any device in much more convenient way.
  3. Increase SEO rank. Google prefers responsive designs. Having a separate mobile URL with different codes creates problems when Google is trying to find your original site. One URL with one set of pages and files responds better to Google’s search algorithms.
  4. Increased traffic and increased conversation rates. Normally, the majority of users leave non-responsive website quickly (increasing the “bounce rate” of your site). Users prefer simple, accessible and usable sites that can almost guarantee your business higher conversion rates. Every visitor is your potencial customer, try to turn evey user to your customer is one of the main reasons why you created a website.
  5. Remain competitive. Having a responsive website gives your business a professional look and feel your company is following the trend. Leave your outdated competition in the dust and start being taken seriously with your online image.


Want to know is your website responsive? You can check your website with this “Mobile Friendly Test” tool by Google.

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